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Welcome to the Via Group. Our hotels stand for individuality, personality and classy design. We currently have two hotels: Hotel Sonne **** and Hotel Fantasia **S, which are both located in the wonderful town of Füssen. We are also currently expanding our hotel offer with our new project "Villa Verde".

Füssen Hotels

King Ludwig II. of Bavaria

King Ludwig II. of Bavaria

Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm was the eldest son of the king of Bavaria from 1864 until shortly before he died. Ludwig was the eldest son of Maximillian II of Bavaria and Princess Marie of Prussia. During Ludwig's younger years, he was trained by tutors that were extremely strict and was placed on a strict regime of study and exercise.
"King Ludwig II. of Bavaria"...
Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle, also known as Schloss Hohenschuangau, is located in southern Germany, Hohenschwangau near Füssen and is very close to Austria's border. Hohenschwangau castle was the castle which King Ludwig II resided in during his childhood.
"Hohenschwangau Castle"...
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